Our Mission

Our mission at Checkpoint MediaWorks is to shine a light on the hidden gems that profoundly touch our gamer souls. We give coverage to these games that don’t see the light of day due to the flood of content from AAA publishers, Steam’s curation system, and AAA gaming news sites, and aim to become a one-of-a-kind Checkpoint nexus fostering a community for Indie & Japanese game devs, publishers, gamers, and those masterpieces hidden in the dark! If you’ve felt like other news sites have only been killing you, then respawn here at Your Checkpoint and grab your gaming news!

Our Team

Founder, Chief Content Manager, Writer, Web Designer

BChan - Brian Chantrupon

Founder, Writer, Security Specialist

Regulus - Andrew Prajogi

Marketing & PR

S94 - Alex Speidel

Chief Editor

Nick Name - Austin Su




Daxter Troxell




S. McButters


Graphic Artist:
Stupjam – Herrick Ong

Video Editor:
Alejandro Guzman

Podcast Host:
CrisCanRead – Cristian Guzman

Podcast Personalities:
Throbbing Chode – Justin Cho
Fireskull – Dominic Ricci
Nogard – Daniel Primachenko