Destiny 2 Lore: Season of The Drifter

Destiny 2 Lore: Season of The Drifter

Get ready to grab those motes! Season of The Drifter is an exciting new take on the Gambit playlist! Two new exciting game modes have been added to Destiny 2: Gambit Prime and The Reckoning. An expansion on the already popular Gambit game mode, Gambit Prime offers a compacted version of Gambit where there is only one round and winner takes all.

The Season of the Drifter includes a new story line that goes into the back story of the Drifter, the new Gambit and Gambit Prime vendor with a murky past.

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Destiny 2: Gambit Prime – The all-too mysterious Drifter


His story starts during the Dark Ages, a brutal time where dead men and women were reborn as Guardians with no purpose other than to seize power, leading to a proliferation of warlords. A Ghost, a floating robot full of magic called “Light” with resurrection abilities, raised the Drifter from death, but the Drifter didn’t trust it or its instructions. As time passed by, he traversed the land, changing his name often while seeking shelter and suffering through hunger. He would frequently starve to death and be resurrected only to find himself still hungry, as Ghosts could not produce food to fill his stomach.

For some time, he lived with some regular humans without Ghosts, until the town was annihilated in the crossfire from a conflict between warlords. He achieves justice for them later on when he meets the Iron Lords, a new group of warlords dedicated to peace, and tells them about the culprits. Eventually, the Dark Age transitioned to the City Age, and most humans moved to a new city called the Last City on Earth, protected by the Guardians. The Drifter began searching for alternative power sources for the Light, since he believed it to cause misery due to his experiences of its misuse.

He joined a group of Dark Guardians that called themselves the Shadow of Yor to find the power of Darkness, but found it equally bad. He ended up throwing away both sides in favor of his own, leading to a visit by an Emissary of the Nine. The two struck a deal: the Drifter gained a mysterious stone linked to another dimension, while he organized Gambits to collect motes of darkness to prepare for an incoming threat that would destroy the current world. Gambit Prime and the Reckoning are key to surviving it.


Gambit Prime Mode

For those who haven’t played Gambit, the rules are pretty simple. It’s a best-of-three 4v4 game mode where the objective is to kill spawned enemies and collect the “motes of darkness” that they drop, or mote for short. Each team starts off together in their own respective map in a PvE battle. If you collect and deposit 75 of them into your team’s bank, you get to summon a boss called a primeval. Beat that boss before the other team and you win. However, players can only carry 15 motes at max, and deposits will summon enemy “blockers” that lock down a team’s bank and hinder progress. In addition, every certain interval of depositing will allow one member of a team to invade the other team’s side and play in PvP. This invader would kill players to make them lose motes or to heal the primeval (if they got that far).

Gone is best out of three. As the developers said when introducing this, if Gambit was preparation for a heist, Gambit Prime is the real deal. Teams must now collect 100 motes to summon a shielded primeval and upon summoning the primeval, you must take out its guards called envoys to lower that shield. In addition to this new game mode, players are now expected to be more coordinated in their roles on a Gambit team. Four primary roles have been defined: Reaper, Sentry, Collector, and Invader. Reapers focus on killing as many adds as possible to drop the most motes. Sentries focus on defending the bank from blockers, keeping it open for deposits, and eliminating enemy invaders. Collectors focus on collecting as many motes as possible, going up to 20 motes if they obtain that perk, and deposits. Finally, Invaders focus on invading the other side at the best time to hinder as much progress for the other team. Coordination is key, as teams with poor specialists are easily defeated unless they have a good invader to prolong the game as far as possible. You are rewarded with materials to construct armor sets for each role.

You take these materials to the Reckoning, a new three-part PvE challenge to kill as many enemies as possible in the shortest amount of time, to hold points from enemy attacks, and to kill a boss or bosses as a final challenge. Your player gets teleported to an arena where a mysterious group called the Nine watch your performance. The Nine are beings of dark matter brought to life who routinely communicate with humans using Emissaries. Based on your success or failure, the Nine grant you a piece of armor for Gambit Prime. Like Gambit Prime, these challenges are difficult to clear if your team can’t cooperate.

Destiny 2: Gambit Prime – Season of The Drifter Launch Trailer

Destiny 2 Season of The Drifter is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.