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Destiny 2 – Season of Opulence

Destiny 2 – Season of Opulence

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Calus Has Returned

Get ready to grow fat from strength, Guardians! Calus is back with some sweet Cabal loot, a new storyline, and a whole new raid! The grind is back, and we need to level up to 750 and clear Calus’s quests.

Season of Opulence refocuses our efforts on the whims of Calus, the Cabal Emperor who has stalked us through his proxies while enjoying a life of luxury aboard his massive spaceship, the Leviathan. He has been crafting mysterious plans with our character at the center since his appearance at the end of Destiny 2’s primary storyline. This season, Calus created a challenge to prove our worthiness to become one of his Shadows, an elite team of loyalist soldiers dedicated to his cause. He has sent forth a golden barge with a new messenger, who gifts us with a chalice that is key to obtaining powerful new weapons and treasure that we must earn and find scattered across the solar system. No gift from Calus is ever easy, for both our benefit and his own amusement. Additionally, Calus has opened up access to a new six player matchmaking event called the Menagerie, as well as a new raid that has us deal with one of his former Shadows.

The Golden Barge

Calus’s messenger is named Werner 99-40, and he is your primary vendor and support for fulfilling Calus’ challenge. His first gift to you is the Chalice of Opulence, a tool bestowed upon you by Calus to generate powerful rewards. Over the season, players will rebuild, upgrade, and enhance the Chalice of Opulence to unlock better weapons and gain control over what abilities the weapon will receive. Upgrades are unlocked by spending a currency called Imperials, collected through specific bounties, triumphs (challenges), and the chests from Calus’ barge. To use the Chalice, players must look for materials called Runes. Specific combinations of Runes will determine the weapon and likely weapon perks that come with it. When the combination is complete, Calus leads you to the challenge of the Menagerie.

The Menagerie

Guardians will need to clear this latest challenge to collect the rewards selected from the Chalice. A six-person matchmade activity, the Menagerie is a mix of earlier public event challenges with some mechanics and challenges from raids. Players are given several different encounters aboard Calus’ Leviathan, fighting through a random assortment of rooms to complete vastly different objectives, culminating in a final boss fight. One challenge mimics Blind Well, where a safe and danger zone is paired with an additional objective to snag orbs to power the safe zone. Another mimics a concept from the game’s first Raid Lair, Eater of Worlds, where vex enemies will drop charged craniums that need to be used to destroy a target. These challenges of course grow more difficult the more you succeed as Calus will demand that you fight stronger enemies. As battles intensify, some weaker players and groups may fail, but luckily the challenges before the boss fights do not require full success. Calus will continue to direct you to the next challenge even if you fail one part. This lets the Menagerie keep the vibe of large raid-like battles without the ridiculous difficulty and need for coordination. Varied encounters and amazing locations draw you to the mysteries of the Leviathan while engaging players in a new kind of challenge.

The Crown of Sorrow

Last up is a new full raid. Calus, in his infinite quest to control species for his whimsical desires, has long dreamt of commanding the Hive, an enemy race akin to zombie-like nightmares. In his search, he discovered an artifact called the Crown of Sorrow that could give him that ability. Instead of using it himself, however, he tasks one of his Shadows, Gahlran, to wear it and control the Hive that he has captive on the Leviathan. Unsurprisingly, the crown had the nasty side-effect of making the wearer lose his mind and become enslaved to the Hive. Thus the new Raid, with the goal of eliminating Gahlran. This raid includes four major encounters, each challenging guardian teams on their coordination, efficiency, and problem solving. A new mechanic called “Blessings”, a buff that only allows you to harm “blessed” enemies but dealing no damage to regular enemies, brings fresh challenges. Blessings must be properly controlled to ensure that adds are controlled and objectives met. Several raid challenges will require the teamwork of a regular and blessed player to avoid wipe mechanics and deadly debuffs. Overall, the new raid is a welcome challenge and addition to the latest chapter of Destiny 2. It was quite the challenge for both new and experienced players. Best of luck to those still trying to beat it!