Episode 20 – State of Smash Post-EVO 2019 Ft. KidLiquid, C#, & Terence Li | Checkpoint Podcast

In summary for those non-Super Smash Bros.-fanatics:
1. MK Leo is frickin’ insane and has an incredibly inspirational Cinderella story (did you even WATCH that 6-game win-streak comeback???)
2. Yuusha/The Hero is friggin broken
3. Can’t wait to see Ridley main tear shit up
4. Did you even look at the title? We’re hosting Smash Legends/Rookies boiiiiii!!!

TREMENDOUS special thanks to our AMAZING guests for this episode:
– Chris Okamura/KidLiquid
– Ryan Stevenson/C#
– Terence Li

Find the 5-min edited promo podcast here: https://youtu.be/4_JxxP2q4F4

Huge thanks as always to our PHENOMENAL and TALENTED editor, Alejandro Guzman (@AliHandRow98)!

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