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Try/Buy/Wait: Furi- Furiously Fast Paced

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Difficulty in video games is a rough subject. Players create expectations through gameplay, friends, content creators, or in rare cases avoid them by going in blind. If you are into the gaming scene then it is difficult to not learn of amazing games as the digital age brings gems up to the top of the barrel. Yet difficulty is what will change the minds of those who put in the patience and time, and those who just want a fast play. Having a hard time beating something doesn’t make the game a masochists dream, nor does it make it the “Dark souls of that genre.” To me it means overcoming the odds, learning the strategy and timings, and feeling relieved that you took the challenge seriously and came on top.



Furi is an amazing game, buy it. They have different ways to beat it, an easy mode, normal, hard, and invincible mode. If you are struggling at the game then there is no shame in changing the difficulty to make it easier to beat to get your money’s worth. The story takes two playthroughs to make full sense of it, the gameplay loop is fun and challenging. On normal the game shows you how to play the game effectively and trains you on how to beat the later bosses. The music is spectacular from different artists that make you feel the hype in your bones as you fight the bosses. This game is worth it.



Yet difficulty is where you start to find a reason to play more, and mastering it, or stopping. As normal is just the tutorial for the hardest difficulty, the true normal of Furi, Furier. Where you have learned the basics and overcame the game for the first time, to try and make it past the bosses all over again.



The gameplay loop is simple, you move with one analog stick (when using controller, and you wanna use controller), the other shoots a pistol. You can charge the pistol shoot to do more damage and have a potential to knock them back away from you. You can dodge around, and use a sword to attack, with the ability to parry attacks coming at you. You can also charge your sword to do a stronger attack that can knock opponents away and do massive damage. That is the most basic of the abilities, yet mastering them takes time and effort.



Just like Batman, you must train your mind and overcome your fear, not of bats, but of over extending, and careless actions. Pay attention to your targets, get in their heads, and understand what the fight is trying to teach you. Every fight you play has a lesson to be learned, and to be mastered in furier difficulty. With every round you take off them you grow stronger, they grow stronger, and you become one with Furi.


The backgrounds of the game are splendid, each with a great aesthetic to go with the new arenas, making the fights each a marvel to play in.



As stated before, buy this game, buy the soundtrack, I love it so much I own a vinyl of it. I did not beat it on the hardest difficulty, I plan on correcting that though, as just like anything else, patience is a virtue, and man is the game hard.