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Sekiro Initial Playthrough Review from a Soulsborne Connoisseur

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Sekiro is the newest Fromsoft title by Director Hidetaka Miyazaki and Kazuhiro Hamatani.

At first, I didn’t have a chance to play it when it came out, since I was finishing Bloodborne. The Souls franchise is my favorite franchise of all time, so naturally I was excited about Fromsoft’s new title.

When I started the game, I couldn’t help but notice the combat’s similarities to a game called Furi. An arcade style game from “The Game Bakers”, a small independent studio, Furi has a combat mechanic where you have to use your sword to deflect every hit you can and dodge every hit you can’t. For bosses, you have to down their health in a set amount of time to beat them, and every new phase has different move sets. It’s just like to Sekiro‘s combat, so maybe Miyazaki took some notes from Furi. I ain’t complaining, since I think it’s a fantastic mechanic that promotes precision, timing, a willingness to learn, and patience, all the things I love about Dark Souls.

New vertical exploration

Something that Miyazaki took a big leap in is the level design, with new verticality turning Sekiro into a much bigger game than the Soul games. By giving players the ability to climb over buildings and high places, they gain so much more to explore and a new tactical way of playing. I often go back and find new areas, different enemies, and key items I missed, so be sure to thoroughly explore.

I’ve been having so much fun fighting bosses here, just as much fun as going against the Dark Souls bosses. Sure, it might not be the same game, franchise, or playstyle. But oh boy, the dread and wonder, followed by the sense of accomplishment from learning, seeing myself improve, and finally winning–those feelings are the same.

Sekiro is really fun, and although some may say these types of games are not for everyone, I sincerely believe everyone has the capacity to play and beat them. The effort put in it is tiny compared to the rewards and the satisfaction of improvement, so give it a try.

Deflective fast paced combat

Also, if you are a Souls fan, this is an absolute must play. With the many familiar mechanics of the Souls games, but with meaningful twists to the formula, for you this game will be a recognizable yet refreshing experience.