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Sony Withdraws from E3 2019

Sony Withdraws from E3 2019

Sony has officially announced their withdrawal from E3 2019, one of world’s biggest video game show hosted annually in Los Angeles, California. Sony Interactive Entertainment, the primary branch of their gaming initiatives, has traditionally held a massive PlayStation press conference and a large showcase of their latest games and PS models in the LA Convention Center, the site of E3.

This is the second major blow to the annual Los Angeles trade show that has recently been facing the loss of multiple publishers over the past few years. The first major blow being the withdrawal of Electronic Arts, better known as EA, which now holds its own event in the Hollywood Palladium during same time period  as E3. Likewise, Microsoft has created their own event at the Microsoft theater at L.A. Live, situated near the LA Convention Center. Microsoft however still retains their space within the E3 floor. Sony’s withdrawal leaves a large hold in E3’s conference lineup leaving the fate of E3 itself in a precarious situation.

Sony seems to be experimenting with new ways to present their A-List lineup. Just this last year, they have replaced the traditional press conference with a more interactive theatrical experience that imbued the games they presented with a more immersive role. The company’s lineup of yet unreleased 2018 upcoming games focused on the titles of Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last of Us Part II. Seeing that these games are still unreleased and lacked a release date, Sony likely decided that an E3 2019 presence is not required until more titles or news on these games can be provided. This would delay their next conference to 2020 where they would be able to showcase newer titles.

So far, there are hints  that Sony might follow both EA’s and Microsoft’s plan to host their own events. On the other hand, we may be seeing a period of rest where Sony is holding off until they can release the announcement of their next console, the PS5, alongside their unreleased lineup. Sony’s decision to cancel their annual PlayStation Experience, a showcase conference held every December, seems to support  this. Either way, it is clear that Sony needs more time to plan their next big press release. Sony needs to prepare themselves well as fans will look forward with high hopes to see PlayStation return in a fiery show in 2020.