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Try/Buy/Wait: Metal Wolf Chaos – Why I Stopped

In Try/Buy/Wait, Checkpoint writers review a game and give you a recommendation on whether to Try the game via demos/buy-and-refund, Buy the masterpiece of a game immediately, or Wait until the game is on sale – letting you know if a game is ultimately worth your money and time.

Your Writer: Daxter
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Favorite Genre: RPG
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I am going to get straight to the point of this “Review” for Metal Wolf Chaos. I really don’t like this game, which honestly sucks. I tried really hard to enjoy it, every time I saw the trailer all I could think was “Wow, that looks fun, and dumb, and great!” I saw the ridiculous gameplay, heard the amazingly bad voice acting, and thought that this was the game I wanted. I even got the game for my birthday from a friend, making this extra special to me. Yet in the end, it just sucks.



The gameplay feels extremely loose, making the whole entire ordeal feel clunky. I can deal with clunky, as I enjoyed Bioshock on PS3, which was the worst. But many of the guns did not feel satisfying to use. The movement system was actually well defined, as you could jet and boost everywhere, with a trade-off of burning shield power, encouraging smart play. It’s still not enough to save the dull combat.


You can slip and weave through flying bullets like a ballerina, but the game’s power-up system kills the pace. In order to grow stronger, you need power ups from boxes or other destructible items. Which means I have to stop fighting and trudge through levels to find power ups. I wanted dumb ridiculous fun, but instead I got an item-grinding slog. Sure, I could probably beat the game without them, but requiring them to match the game’s power curve really put a damper on my fun.



The level designs were okay, with a fair amount of space to look around, fight in, and play defense, yet that just meant more boxes to look through, more items to destroy, and more loss of pace. It felt just like my experience of Just Cause 3. Everyone was saying the game was ridiculous and funny and filled with dumb gameplay, but the area takeover-propaganda removal cycle kept tearing me out of it. It soon became a huge hassle to find all of the items, especially since some were very difficult to find. It really dragged me out of the dumb fun the game was hyped as. Other people have told me that they didn’t really notice it, but I did, and each time I had to clear more items out, I noticed it more.



I stopped playing this game. I uninstalled it, and will never pick it up again. I admit that the issue is with me and my patience for the game, so for this recommendation I say try it out. If you like it and can look past the problems I listed, then good on you, but I can’t. Batman can keep on fighting the good fight, but I can’t play a bad game and be happy doing it.